How to choose a contract medical coding company

Medical coding has revolutionized the financial aspect of medicine and has proven to be a fundamental component in any clinical practice. Use of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and International Classification of Diseases – Tenth Clinical Modification (ICD 10) systems of coding have brought better ways of optimizing medical records and preparation of claims enhancing revenue collection. Continue reading

What is Outsourced Coding Services for Hospitals

hospital medical codingMedical coders usually require their own set of training separate from doctors and nurses, most especially involving studying various code books (which list codes, descriptions and other such goodies) as reference for their work. Often, medical coders are also medical billers as well.
Unfortunately, there’s a frequent habit of this important task being left in the hands of secretaries and clerks who aren’t trained for the task, resulting in the risk of errors being made, information not being recorded properly and even charges being incorrectly placed. Continue reading

Why Would I Outsource Medical Coding For My Healthcare Facility

While always a difficult process, medical coding has become a highly technical skill that requires trained specialists. New regulations over the last few years have made medical coding more complex than ever, making outsourcing a very practical solution, whether cleaning up a billing backlog or on a permanent basis. Continue reading

How is Hospital Medical Coding Different from Physician Medical Coding

Physicians and hospitals depend upon accurate medical coding to ensure they are properly paid by patients and insurance companies. Coding is a very time-intensive, precision-oriented procedure, and errors caused by understaffed facilities or improperly trained coders can cost healthcare providers thousands of dollars a year. While medical coding is an integral part of business practice in all facilities, coding in doctors’ offices can be different than coding in hospitals and other larger institutions. Continue reading

Health Information Management – Successfully improving patient care.

The quality of care for patients has consistently been the top priority in any healthcare facility for over a century.  Back in the days when hospitals were small, independent facilities there was no bottom line to be concerned about.  The only concern was the patient and no request was too big to fulfill. Today, the patient is still the number one priority, but the rules of how that patient is cared for has changed dramatically. Continue reading

HIPAA Coding – Medical Records Coding Privacy and Security

hipaaHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protocols regulate the information and transmission of patient health records data. This system requires healthcare providers to implement data security measures so they fulfill the regulations from the government, prevent any kind of theft of any information stored on the healthcare record, and guarantee patient privacy. Continue reading

Remote Medical Coding Companies—Solving Your Medical Records Backlog

backlogRemote medical coding companies, like Professional Dynamic Network of Chicago, offer healthcare providers essential services, specifically, remote medical records coding, transcription and billing services. Even large hospitals have considerable difficulty in keeping up with medical records coding and billing Medicaid, Medicare and insurance companies. Continue reading

Inpatient Hospital Coding

medical coder 2Inpatient Hospital Coding is a service that a Medical Record Coder is able to provide to hospitals, physicians offices and any other medical institutions needing it. Such professionals have a high level of expertise in their field and they know very well how to code multiple subject areas, if not all areas, that are related to the services offered at a specific hospital or location. They are very experienced with many types of coding conventions including, ICD-9, CPT procedures and HCPCS supply and service codes. On top of that, they also have experience with anatomy and medical terminology. Continue reading