Remote Medical Coding Companies—Solving Your Medical Records Backlog

backlogRemote medical coding companies, like Professional Dynamic Network of Chicago, offer healthcare providers essential services, specifically, remote medical records coding, transcription and billing services. Even large hospitals have considerable difficulty in keeping up with medical records coding and billing Medicaid, Medicare and insurance companies.

In addition, there are usually quarterly or even annual medical billing reconciliation tasks that are exceedingly time-consuming. Let PDN solve your medical coding backlog or assist with your conversion to ICD-10 data standards. Our certified medical coders, provide standard Electronic Health Records (EHR) coding, and general transcription.

Remote Medical Coding by Certified Medical Coders

PDN, one of the leading remote medical coding companies in the US, offers secure, off-site, remote medical coding for companies, insurers, healthcare facilities, hospitals, clinics and private practices. As a leading remote coding company, we insist that medical coders have appropriate certifications (e.g.CPC, CCS, CCS-P, RHIA, and RHIT), training and experience. Our coders must maintain a minimum 98% accuracy rate; and our certified coders have plenty of options and encouragement for additional training, ongoing educational classes, and further development of skill sets.

Data Security and Meeting HIPAA Confidentiality Requirements

Data security, secure records handling, and HIPAA confidentiality requirements are essential standards for remote medical coding companies. Our remote coding facilities and personnel have the equipment and training necessary to comply with HIPAA guidelines, to meet ISO standards, and securely handle data. PDN uses secure medical records software and has the secure technology infrastructure to log into legacy systems, newer secure networks and servers, LANs, WANs or VPNs that are in use at medical facilities.

Additionally, any physical records or facsimiles are always secure at our remote coding labs. Our coders handle physical records in accordance with national standards and PDN’s own high security and confidentiality requirements.

If you are looking for remote medical coding companies that secures records, data and insurance billing according to national and international standards, then look no further. Professional Dynamic Network assists healthcare organizations with solving medical records backlogs, securely and confidentially.