Medical Coding for Pulmonary Medicine

Pulmonary medicine is a distinguished internal medicine subspecialty in which lung diseases and respiratory disorders are diagnosed and treated. The breadth of this field of medicine could be termed a multi-specialty due to its broad and varied concerns, and similarly, a considerable amount of experience and understanding is best completed by a medical coding company with medical coders working within the specialty of pulmonary medicine.

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Certified pulmonary specialist coders are trained and exceptionally qualified in the many areas in which pulmonary medicine is concerned. For example, PDN’s coders are adept at interpreting and translating E/M notes, routine assessments and general problematic symptoms, common and specialty diagnoses, and possess an astute recognition and familiarity with breathing disorders such as asthma, ARDS, bronchitis, COPD, cystic fibrosis, emphysema, lung cancer, obstructive sleep apnea, pleural effusion, and tuberculosis. It is also imperative that expert coders are experienced in coding for instances of lung transplantation, and all related services, vascular disease, endoscopic therapy, and vasodilator therapy, among other areas of pulmonary expertise. Errors in evaluation and management coding is one of the most common areas of concern in office-based coding. It should be noted that payers, government agencies, and regulatory bodies are placing a particular focus on the area of E/M because of a tendency for over-coding, and sometimes under-coding for services.

Medical coding is a vital element of every practice, one that can either hinder operations or support them through invaluable self-monitoring and timely completion rates that afford practitioners the ability to direct other areas of front and back office duties, and patient concerns, instead of worrying about claims submissions and compliance issues. Although the new ICD-10 requirements have brought a host of new concerns to the table in pulmonary medicine, the elite medical coders we employ can make up for a great deal of the stress put on practices to implement and conform to these new rules, codes, revisions, and deletions.

PDN’s certified coding specialists distinguish themselves through their perceptive and resourceful abilities supported by an unparalleled knowledge base and refined coding capabilities. The stress often placed on physician practices to re-train and continually educate and inform office-based coders can hamper productiveness and strain revenue sources. Utilizing our coding professionals to your office’s advantage is a cost-effective measure to ensure a consistent and reliable revenue stream, end the worry of regulatory compliance, negate the need to address training and educational concerns, and creates a more efficient and patient-centered atmosphere within the office.