Inpatient Hospital Coding

medical coder 2Inpatient Hospital Coding is a service that a Medical Record Coder is able to provide to hospitals, physicians offices and any other medical institutions needing it. Such professionals have a high level of expertise in their field and they know very well how to code multiple subject areas, if not all areas, that are related to the services offered at a specific hospital or location. They are very experienced with many types of coding conventions including, ICD-9, CPT procedures and HCPCS supply and service codes. On top of that, they also have experience with anatomy and medical terminology.

Day to day activities of an Inpatient Coder

An inpatient hospital coding professional will determine the appropriate coding from either an electronic chart record or from a paper chart record or notes from a physician. Before he/she will determine the correct codes, he will carefully review all the applicable case notes.

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Software Used

Depending on the facility, they will have a specific type of computer software that the coding professional will use in order to determine the APC or Ambulatory Payment Classification used by many third party insurance carriers and government payers.

Power and the Knowledge to Override

There may be occasions when the data will not explain “the entire picture” and that is why a coder needs to have a good overall understanding and knowledge in order to make corrections if necessary.In these instances they will have the ability to override codes that may have been pre-selected for those which are more appropriate to the case.

Precise Evaluation

There will be times when the info received from the source will not be enough and it’s the job of the Inpatient Hospital Coding professional to determine when more information is required from the ordering medical provider or from the physician.


People who will consider the services of an Inpatient Hospital Coding professional should not worry when it comes to confidentiality. As part of their employment, coders are committed to maintaining patient confidentiality.

When hospitals and medical institutions decide to hire a professional Inpatient Hospital Coding professional they will be sure that their coding tasks will always be interpreted correctly and the services they need will be offered very quickly and efficiently in an effort to reduce the medical insurance and billing cycle.