Psychiatry Medical Coding

Medical coding for psychiatry presents unique challenges due to the extensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions and services provided. Expectations when coding for psychiatric practices involve expanded descriptions and explanations of case complexity and specificity. Professional psychiatric medical coders are equipped with a profound knowledge of the DSM-5 and have the expert ability to interpret and appropriately code for the complex determinations that make up each patient event.
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Many errors noted within psychiatric coding are due to a lack of understanding event elements such as incorrectly interpreting, or misrepresenting, differences between counseling and therapy, event outcomes, and assessments. It is now more important than ever before to commit adherence to best practices and incorporate efficient, knowledgeable, and accurate medical coding into practice as the ICD-10 has increased diagnosis codes from over 13,000 to 69,000 codes that are meant to discern and isolate case particulars.

Medical coding for psychiatry demands precise competencies in various E/M service combinations that denote interaction intricacies and severity level as required with new ICD-10 coding expectations. These competencies are also essential in correctly identifying and coding needed add-on codes that are necessary to further define specificity for clinical accuracy.

Our psychiatric medical coders are versed in every aspect of psychiatric practice including psychoanalysis, family and group therapy, psychiatric evaluation and risk assessment, psychopharmacologic evaluation, and medication management in addition to the full-spectrum of psychiatric disorders. Support is offered for individual providers as well as group psychiatric practices, health centers, and mental health clinics. Enlisting coding services from consummate, professional medical coders ensures that psychiatric practices can focus on quality mental health services while enjoying the benefits of accurate, timely claim submission and reimbursement.