Essential Medical Coding Services from Certified Medical Coders

medical coding and billingDoes your healthcare facility or organization require additional medical coding services; help with your ICD-10 conversion; or just to assist with medical records backlogs and transcription tasks?

The answer is probably a definite “yes” for all of those questions. Professional Dynamic Network of Chicago , Illinois, has two, secure, centralized, remote medical coding labs in order to provide outsourced medical coding for healthcare providers nationwide.

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ICD-9, ICD-10 Conversion and Medical Records Backlogs

PDN can assist your healthcare organization, hospital, clinic or private practice with standardized ICD-9 coding and billing services, help you with your ICD-10 electronic records conversion, and provide secure, medical coding services and transcription help to eradicate your medical records coding backlog. Our on-site or off-site medical coding personnel (at remote coding labs in Chicago or Olympia Fields) are dedicated to accuracy, providing our clients with secure data handling, and quick turnarounds on assignments.

High Standards, Confidentiality and Government Regulatory Compliance

Our medical coding services are essential for HIPAA compliance, to meet other national standards (records coding for the Navy or Veteran’s Administration for instance), and even international ISO standards. Our services are not limited to the Chicago area, since we operate remote coding labs to accommodate healthcare clients throughout the US.

Secure Handling of All Medical Coding and Billing Data

PDN’s commitment is to handle all medical coding services, insurer billing, electronic medical records or any other healthcare data securely. PDN ensures EHR privacy and confidentiality with secure technology solutions. We can handle physical records and faxes securely at our remote coding labs, use secure medical records software,or secure server connections to access your healthcare organizations VPN, LAN, WAN or other network setup including legacy systems and older server configurations.

PDN provides certified coders for all medical coding services at our remote coding labs. Patient confidentiality is paramount, as is data about your organization or company. You can rely on PDN for professional medical coding services.