Certified Medical Coders For Medical Coding Outsourcing

Off-Site Experienced Coders 24/7

Certified medical coding personnel are available for medical coding services for your healthcare company at Professional Dynamic Network’s two centralized remote coding labs in the Chicago area. We provide outsourced medical coding services to both national and  local healthcare market  through our off-site medical coding.

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Principles of Operation

PDN maintains two centralized remote coding labs in the Chicago metropolitan area. Our medical coders maintain strict confidentiality, a high level of security, compliance with all HIPAA standards and best industry practices. Our remote coding labs provide ongoing certified coding  capabilities for healthcare organizations small and large around the clock.

Our certified medical coding personnel is backed by our commitment to ongoing training in order to deliver the quality of services healthcare providers require to guarantee proper coding and maintenance of medical records information.

The work environment at PDN’s coding labs is based on four principles:

  • Continuing education is key to excellence in coding
  • Ongoing auditing of data, medical records and billing for clients, response to client needs in a timely manner, and accuracy in coding
  • Human interaction and timely responses to client requests or staffer questions are essential for a professional work environment that allows our staffers to continue growth and expertise in the field
  • Flexibility with information and technology services are essential for the delivery of services; additionally, we offer clients off-site work through VPN (virtual private network) access, unique logins and passwords to guarantee security of medical and proprietary data

Unlike at-home remote coding, PDN is a professional organization with centralized coding labs.

Benefits of a Remote Coding Lab

Our certified medical coders meet three main levels of core competencies. PDN hires only credentialed coders (RHIA, RHIT, CCS, CCS-P, and CPC). Our coders have professional work experience and the necessary educational background to succeed at the job. Our coders maintain at least a 98% coding accuracy rate; and all personnel are supervised to ensure compliance with all HIPAA and ISO-9000 standards, usage of CPT coding, and confidentiality.

Some of the benefits of using certified medical coding personnel and experienced professionals include:

  • Inpatient and outpatient coding, admissions coding, billing coding, procedural coding, ICD-9 coding, HIPAA compliance, CPT coding, general medical records coding and transcription
  • Medical coding audits, DRG and RAC validation audits (we also staff HIM management professionals for audits or interim positions, on-site)
  • Flexibility in data handling – from legacy systems to new servers, Citrix and other advanced login systems for security and monitoring work; also, we can use data in many formats from electronic health records and various e-coding software systems, to document imaging, CDs, high-speed FAX, or physical records for transcription and coding
  • Shared experience environment for coders, ongoing training, access to educational materials, strong management support for our coders, timely response to worker or client questions regarding any coding issues, continuous communications with all of our workers to ensure accuracy of client data
  • Minimum 98% accuracy as the baseline for our employees guaranteeing that coding and billing information is correct for all clients, regardless of size
  • Ability to meet client deadlines, generally regardless of schedules, time of the month or even holidays – we know that all clients have billing deadlines for reimbursement whether with insurance companies, Medicaid or Medicare

PDN maintains all proprietary information, coding and patient data in the strictest confidence. All medical information, email and other communications are proprietary, and fall under our highly restrictive policies regarding systems access or information usage.

A Secure Work Environment Assures Patient Confidentiality

We maintain a very secure environment as we deal with data governed by federal and state laws and regulations, and the confidentiality of your patients and records is paramount. Besides technical and IT security, all personnel undergo thorough background checks whether working in our coding labs or working on-site at a client. Our work environment is thoroughly staffed and supervised allowing us to meet the needs and timeframes of clients.

Additionally, we comply with U.S. Navy requirements for remote coding and dealing with the confidentiality of service personnel. Therefore, whether you need a remote coding center or local staffers, we have personnel qualified to work with public sector and private sector data.

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