Medical Coding For Physicians Offices

ehrAre you a physician relying on uncertified medical coding personnel? Perhaps it’s because hiring credentialed medical coding staff is difficult. We sometimes see this in offices that are independent, so medical coding cost reduction is of concern, but mainly we discover doctors do not have a full understanding of how a certified medical coding specialist can benefit their practice. After all you aren’t in the business of medical coding, you’re in the business of providing quality healthcare and healing to your patients.

Inaccurate coding results in lost revenue. You could be audited, but there are probably more minute mistakes costing you every day because those you rely on to code properly can’t, and thus can’t ensure that you are being paid properly via the most accurate code. By utilizing Professional Dynamic Network’s physician coding services the mistakes are nearly zeroed out. Choosing to “outsource” your medical coding is an important decision for you to make for your facility.

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At PDN, we offer physicians coding services as well as peace of mind. You can attain accurate medical coding improving your revenue cycle process which increases your bottom line so that you can worry about the important parts of your practice.

What Physician Coding Services Do We Offer?

We offer our physician coding services to all types of physicians offices. We code for specialty and general practitioner offices. PDN offers an experienced physician medical coding team that can provide remote medical coding, auditing, and catch up your backlogged coding, all affecting your revenue cycle management. Our experienced physician coding teams offer services for specialties including, but not limited to:

Family Practice Coding
Ambulatory Clinic Coding
Ob-GYN Coding
Anesthesiology Coding
Cardiology Medical Coding
Emergency Medicine Coding
General Physician Coding
Neurology Coding
Ophthalmology Coding
Orthopedic Medical Coding
Pain Management Coding
Pathology Coding
Radiology Coding
Surgical Coding
Urology Coding

Why Choose PDN For Physician Medical Coding?

Because we can increase your coding productivity; your medical coding accuracy; keep your coding compliant and help your facility improve revenue cycle and coding process.

  • High productivity with high accuracy: Audits performed consistently report a 99% accuracy rate for our physician coding services. You will be compliant with our services
  • Dedicated coding specialist: Our medical coding specialists do nothing but medical coding. They are not responsible for any other part of your practice. They can focus on getting the right code for the correct reimbursement.
  • Proven quality and dependable service: Our commitment to you is to offer the very best in every service we offer and each project we complete.
  • Credentialed coding specialists: We require our physician coding specialists to participate in ongoing training. Accurate coding requires a current, working knowledge of the healthcare industry as well as up-to-date coding regulations in this ever changing industry.
  • Because we are a remote physician coding service, we can complete your coding services efficiently off-site, without disruption in your office.