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Inpatient Hospital Coding

medical coder 2Inpatient Hospital Coding is a service that a Medical Record Coder is able to provide to hospitals, physicians offices and any other medical institutions needing it. Such professionals have a high level of expertise in their field and they know very well how to code multiple subject areas, if not all areas, that are related to the services offered at a specific hospital or location. They are very experienced with many types of coding conventions including, ICD-9, CPT procedures and HCPCS supply and service codes. On top of that, they also have experience with anatomy and medical terminology. Continue reading

Understanding Outpatient Coding and Reporting

doctor patient with outpatient medical recordsThere are a great number of opportunities in the Health Information Management are that can save your practice or hospital valuable resources. Outsourcing your inpatient and outpatient medical coding are just 2 instances that streamline your facility. But what is medical coding? What is the difference between Inpatient and Outpatient coding? If the terms sound a little futuristic for you, good! Because in the Health Information Management field, the future is here! Continue reading