EHR Security Issues—Medical Coding and Data Security

data securityElectronic health records security issues can pose problems for data security, patient safety and for regulatory compliance. There is a wide range of security issues that healthcare IT departments, hospitals, urgent care facilities, coders, auditors, management and other personnel face on a daily basis. Since HIPAA protocols and state regulations change periodically, staying abreast of changes and implementing internal mechanism for data security can pose staffing issues for medical practices large and small. Professional Dynamic Network provides auditors for on-site work, interim management and coders and other staffers. Additionally, PDN operates two remote coding facilities for clients in Chicago and nationwide.

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Providing outsourced medical coding and compliance with EHR data security ?

We approach data security issues from several angles. PDN’s on-site personnel comply with all HIPAA regulations, state regulations and industry-best practices. Additionally all of our personnel have thorough criminal background checks and verification of credentials and skill sets. To prevent unauthorized access to client data and patient data, we have a number of secure methods of accessing, retrieving and returning data and records to our clients that include:


  • PDN’s technology infrastructure allows us to secure EHR data with live logins to your healthcare facility’s network or VPN (Virtual Private Network)—in fact, we work with IT departments to guarantee data security
  • Security and compliance with US Navy regulatory standards
  • ISO-9000 compliance and HIPAA compliance in handling all client data
  • Confidentiality agreements with personnel and all clients
  • Supervision of all off-site coding staff (we have two secure coding labs)
  • Secure handling of any physical records
  • Secure connectivity to client servers and data across a wide range of technology platforms
  • Secure connectivity solutions for new and legacy commercial networks
  • Secure FAX transmission
  • Secure software for a variety of EHR data formats
  • Secure interfaces for legacy and newer e-coding software platforms
  • Password protected workstations
  • Audits for clients and for our work to guarantee the accuracy of medical records, insurance billing, and ICD-9 and ICD-10 records audits to meet coding standards


Whether by employees, temporary staffers, permanent staffing placements, unauthorized personnel or even by hackers, healthcare IT departments face continuing network and EHR security issues. At PDN, our medical coding specialists’ credentials are verified, criminal background checks are performed, and only authorized personnel will have access to your organization’s secure data and medical records.