What Is a Medical Records Coding Technician?

data securityA medical records coding technician is a fully credentialed coder that performs general medical records coding securely while complying with HIPAA regulations and ISO-9000 standards. Our medical coding specialists at Professional Dynamic Network  is an individual with the appropriate, verified credentials with the work experience to be a higher-level medical coder or medical biller that uses ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes for records and billing.

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What tasks does a medical records coding technician perform?

The actual job tasks for a medical records coding technician (or medical coder) is changing with the move to electronic healthcare records (EHR). A medical records coding technician performs a variety of tasks including:

  • Secure coding services for ICD-9 coding
  • Assisting with new ICD-10 standards, implementation and associated coding requirements
  • Transcribing records or general transcription
  • Handling physical medical records for transfer to electronic formats
  • On-site or remote secure coding of healthcare data, services, diagnoses and other reports for final submission to government payer or insurance billing

What off-site EHR data handling does a medical records coding technician need to be familiar with to perform the job?

A medical records coding technician that works in a remote coding lab must be familiar with a variety of technologies in order to perform the job. Some of the job tasks for remote medical records coding include:

  • Handling private medical records securely whether electronic or physical records
  • Compliance with all HIPAA standards
  • Compliance with ISO 9000 standards
  • Credentials and educational experience for ICD-9 coding standards
  • Coding experience for new ICD-10 standards
  • Technology experience for handling records facsimiles, physical records or electronic file formats
  • Experience with accessing healthcare networks, LANs, secure servers and legacy computer systems
  • Coding ability to work with multiple, proprietary medical records coding and billing software platforms


PDN’s medical records coding technicians are credentialed and have the requisite experience to perform secure, accurate medical coding off-site at our remote coding labs. PDN medical coders comply with all government standards and work under the specific information technology security protocols of a variety of healthcare systems.