The CMS RAC Audit Process

medicareCertainly by now you are familiar with the CMS RAC program. How familiar depends on whether or not you have had the good fortune to go through this process. Regardless if you’ve been audited or not, you should know a little about the process for your own protection as a provider of Medicare or Medicaid fee-for-service patients. Continue reading

Debunking The Myths Of CMS RAC Program

mythsThe CMS RAC program was designed to correct billing errors mainly caused by medical coding errors, not to prevent healthcare providers from getting what’s due to them. The Medicare and Medicaid systems are fraught with fraud, waste and abuse in addition to honest medical and billing coding errors. Often times these errors actually cost the provider money, which is identified and recovered through the RAC program. Continue reading

From Traditional Health Medical Records Management To Electronic Health Records Management

moneyA valuable part of your health records management is your medical coding process. This is the backbone of your healthcare business. It is after all how you get your billing done. Although medical coding specialists and health information technicians do not provide direct patient care, they work regularly with physicians and nurses to clarify diagnoses or to get additional information to make sure that records are complete and accurate. Continue reading

Are You Ready To Change Your Health Records Management System?

ehrMore and more medical coding companies are equipping themselves with coders and technicians that are trained and certified in electronic health records so they can meet the growing demand for such medical coding services. Is your health care facility ready to meet the new challenges you will face with EHR and medical coding? Continue reading

Changing The CPT Outpatient Coding Guidelines

time for changeDo you as a physician or healthcare provider actually have time to manage the medical coding portion of your practice or facility? CPT codes are always changing and you medical coders MUST keep up with these changes, either on your time or their own. Do you know if they are?
Continue reading

New Standards Require Medical Coding Consulting Services

quality controlWith an aging population, specifically “baby boomers,” changes in industry coding standards, the move to national Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) standards, and the need for many healthcare facilities, urgent care centers, hospitals, clinics and even private practices to “outsource” medical records coding and insurance billing, may be the way you more efficiently manage your health information systems.  Continue reading


Garrick Smothers, PDN President, is pleased to announce the addition of Aziza Ziad (Corporate Recuriter) and Tiffany Windmon, CCS, CCS-P, Approved AHIMA ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer (Coding Supervisor) to the PDN staff.

Aziza recently shared some of her thoughts about working in the healthcare field and about the challenges of her job as PDN Corporate Recruiter. Continue reading

This entry was posted on January 3, 2014, in Healthwire.