New Standards Require Medical Coding Consulting Services

quality controlWith an aging population, specifically “baby boomers,” changes in industry coding standards, the move to national Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) standards, and the need for many healthcare facilities, urgent care centers, hospitals, clinics and even private practices to “outsource” medical records coding and insurance billing, may be the way you more efficiently manage your health information systems. 

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High Expectations, High Standards in Records Keeping and Coding

Expectations from high standards and quality control of services by medical coding companies and professional transcriptionists are not just part of the job, these requirements are increasingly necessary for billing insurers and getting payments. With the recent federal changes to the industry, ongoing implementation of new regulations, the creation of state insurance exchanges, and expansion of government payer programs (temporary, state high-risk pools, state insurance exchanges, newer Medicare audit control procedures, and additional veteran claimants in the VA systems), medical consulting and coding services must maintain a very high accuracy rate.

With government agencies (and standards) changing to reflect the move to ICD-10 standards and EHR (electronic records keeping) for information portability and accuracy, the growth rate for most parts of the healthcare industry are exceeding growth in almost any other sector of the economy. This is also true for the medical coding field.

Having up-to-date medical coders is one way to insure that your coding is without error.  At PDN we hire top-notch medical coders for our remote medical coding lab, where all of our coding happens.  Our coding specialists get on-going training through various workshops that we conduct. We maintain a 98% accuracy rate so that our clients can rest easy that their hospitals and offices get paid accurately and on time.