PDN Complies with Electronic Health Records Regulations

Following EHR privacy and security electronic health records regulations or HIPAA compliance can be a daunting task for medical organizations, hospitals, clinics or even for private practices.

Whatever the particular setting, data protection and regulatory compliance are essential steps in maintaining accurate medical data, for internal statistical analyses, billing and for the protection of patients and medical organizations.

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Medical coding outsourcing can pose its own unique set of issues for data security and compliance with electronic health records regulations.  PDN’s  medical coders take EHR data security seriously and we have implemented plans to guarantee the physical security of medical data, security for electronic transmissions or FAX security, and medical data storage protocols in accordance with industry standards and government regulations.

With PDN’s remote coding lab personnel, we face regulatory compliance issues that some medical providers may not consider. Our medical coding personnel comply with national regulatory standards, HIPAA standards, state requirements and even hospital or other healthcare providers’ internal protocols. You can rely on PDN’s electronic health records regulations compliance and data security.

PDN provides compliance with all national regulations and we implement protocols to provide:

  • Secure transmission of medical data and patient records
  • Confidentiality regarding all patient data
  • Secure government services meeting US Navy requirements
  • Credential coders for Level I, II, and III skill levels and verification of credentials
  • Personnel and staffer background checks
  • Secure computer networks and secure live login’s to client networks or VPNs
  • Variety of secure software platforms
  • Interface capabilities for secure logins to new and legacy systems
  • Supervision of all personnel and coders
  • Workstation password protection