Medical Insurance and Coding

Medical insurance and coding professionals maintain the healthcare documentation and billing records for patients. This particular profession is increasing and medical insurance and coding jobs and opportunities are available for certified and skilled coders. It is easier to learn the basic concepts and procedures in order to perform the tasks that are involved in health insurance billing, insurance reimbursement, medical records documentation, transcription when you have knowledge of basic medical coding definitions and the application of these codes to medical documentation.

Medical Insurance Coding Program or course of study includes electronic medical insurance and coding services starting from claims processing or collection strategies, to current practical coding systems, to comprehension of current diagnostic coding procedures. To be successful in this field, a combination of skills is necessary along with a thorough knowledge of the medical insurance and coding field, healthcare documentation, and medical terminology, combined with experience and certification in preparing and processing medical records and/or insurance claims. Additionally, any well-qualified jobseeker should be familiar the maintenance of patient records and proper code selection. Strong computer and typing skills are also essential for effectiveness in the medical industry and its related jobs.

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Current Procedural Terminology – Essential for Medical Insurance and Coding

Current Procedural Terminology codes are the numbers that are assigned to every service that a medical practitioner has provided to his/her patient including all the medical, surgical as well as diagnostic services. Medical coding services are used by insurers, thus enabling them to determine the reimbursement amount that a practitioner receives from the insurance provider. This system ensures uniformity, since everyone uses the same codes as reference for services. The uniformity here works only until the provided service and reimbursement amount for practitioners differs, and amounts may not necessarily be the same, even in the same city.

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Current Procedural Terminology codes are maintained and copyrighted by the American Medical Association. With a change in the practice of healthcare, new codes are introduced, or developed, for all new services. Revision of current codes discarding all old and unused codes occurs periodically. There are many codes in use and updates occur annually.

The Editorial Board of the American Medical Association develops and maintains these codes, along with the publications of all the software, books and manuals. Because these particular codes are a revenue source for the AMA, public access is limited and sales generally occur to medical providers and related industry businesses and personnel.

Some CPT code examples are:

  1. 99214 – used for a physical
  2. 90658 – signifying a flu shot
  3. 90716 – indicates chicken pox vaccine
  4. 12002 – is used when documenting stitching up a one-inch cut on a patient’s arm

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