Electronic Medical Record Software

Medical codes maintain electronic medical record software entries that are useful for seeking the procedure of treatment, and making any kind of research related to the diseases available to doctors. Professional Dynamic Network provides medical coding service locally in the Chicago area, we also provide nationwide medical coding services  to medical companies, hospitals, clinics and doctor offices all over the country.

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Electronic Medical Record Software Experts (Coders)

The medical codes play an essential role in identifying the symptoms of the particular diseases or allergies. They are also essential for reimbursing the medical expenses billed to the insurance companies. The health services provided to the patient also depends upon these medical codes i.e. whether the treatment should be changed or not, or some additional service should be given. The medical record is maintained and updated regularly by the medical coding specialists with the help of electronic medical record software.

Previously, maintaining medical records was very confusing and took time and labor, that made it very difficult for the coder. But now it is easy and convenient for the medical coders to maintain the records because of electronic medical records software. The medical record software is also called EMR software. Medical record software is developed by various professional companies and is easily available in the market. Different EMR software programs are available for different sections of the medical sector. Some examples of the medical record software and its usage are mentioned below:

EMR Experts is the electronic software developed for maintaining the medical records in an efficient way. This software is available in web-based as well as the client-based models that make accessing the medical records from the hospital as well as from the home easy and efficient. This software is used with medical billing software. The main features of this software are electronic faxing, electronic prescribing, educate the patients in understanding the medical procedure, and to allow for the reimbursement purpose and so on.

EMRitus, developed by a professional company in the field from 1997, is very helpful for doctors and nurses. This software enables doctors and nurses to enter and update the medical record of the patient easily and efficiently. The main features of the software are as follows:

  • Maintaining the record of patient’s contact details
  • Keeping and updating information about the patient’s diseases and treatment provided The medical documents can be scanned into this software
  • The information stored in this software can be easily accessed for the purpose of reimbursement or making treatment plans

EMR software available for different specialties include Cardiology EMR, Dermatology EMR, Dental EMR, Family Practice EMR, ENT EMR, General Surgery EMR, Internal Medicine EMR, Neurology EMR, Orthopedic EMR, Pain Management EMR, Pediatric EMR, and Urgent Care EMR.