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Are You Equipped to Handle all of Your Outpatient Medical Coding?

medical coder 3Essentially the job description is relatively constant between inpatient medical coding and outpatient coding. Although, it is generally thought that outpatient medical coding is less challenging than inpatient coding. But that’s not why there is an influx of outpatient medical coding.  Continue reading

Understanding Outpatient Coding and Reporting

doctor patient with outpatient medical recordsThere are a great number of opportunities in the Health Information Management are that can save your practice or hospital valuable resources. Outsourcing your inpatient and outpatient medical coding are just 2 instances that streamline your facility. But what is medical coding? What is the difference between Inpatient and Outpatient coding? If the terms sound a little futuristic for you, good! Because in the Health Information Management field, the future is here! Continue reading