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Remote medical coding is an integral process of medical practices that involves maintaining detailed information about a patient’s medical history, injuries, diseases, diagnostic information, and the treatment procedures. Medical coding is not an easy process as it involves expertise about the diseases and medical services provided for the patient. Maintaining the medical records is very time consuming and difficult task, which is why hospitals, doctors and physicians hire professional medical coders for this purpose (on-site or off-site remote medical coding). However, some physicians or hospitals hire these professionals to work in their own office, whereas some of them outsource their jobs for medical coding

In remote medical coding processes, the medical record of the patient is faxed from the coder’s office, where he or she scans them and maintains the detailed information in the computer by using medical coding software. The process of remote medical coding involves medical records coding, billing and transcription services. Sometimes medical coding is done by coders working as freelancers; and sometimes the hospitals contact the professional companies that are providing the medical coding services like PDN of Chicago. Medical coders have complete knowledge of the terminology and tasks, and are trained for all the medical terms related to the diseases, lab’s test reports, and treatments suggested by the doctors.

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Professional Coding Companies

The professional companies working in the area of remote medical coding have the medical coders for different medical specialties like radiology, anesthesiology and so on. Remote medical coding is very convenient and involves less cost as the hospitals or physicians are not required to hire the professional medical coder who can demand a higher salary; and this reduces the cost of traveling for the medical coder hired by the physician. Remote coding companies generally charge reasonable fees for the services provided.

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The Advantage of Remote or Off-Site Coding

The major advantage of remote medical coding is that it allows physicians or hospitals to hire skilled and qualified coders located any where in the world. It means the medical companies can issue the contract to any company situated in any other city or state. Remote medical coding companies have professional and certified teams of coders who are capable of meeting the turn-around time of 24 or 48 hours for maintaining the medical records and presenting them back to the physicians or hospitals.

Outsourcing the medical coding job also reduces the cost involved in maintaining the office, as the hospitals or physicians are not required to build a space for medical coders. The medical coding companies provide various services to the hospitals like in-patient coding, emergency e-code evaluation, CPT coding, ICD-9 codes and conduct all the auditing formalities of medical records.

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