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Regardless of whether coding is done by a medical facility’s internal coding staff or by external remote coding services, the scanned documents are available for coding within short span of scan completion. Coders and billers with remote coding jobs use the information provided by the medical office/hospital to perform their jobs as accurately as possible

The remote coding jobs and associated services include the following deliverables:

  • An efficient and cost-effective remote coding service that helps reduce travel expenses.
  • Qualified scan technicians are there to scan the Inpatient Discharges, Emergency Department and Outpatient Surgery Encounters and other medical reports.
  • A Quality assurance plan must certify a 95% DRG accuracy for inpatient discharges.
  • The Inpatient Discharges are coded within 48 hours once the record is scanned.
  • There are provisions for initial training and support for medical facility coder(s) for digital imaging software use.
  • Certified and qualified remote coding professionals.
  • Last but not the least, there is an expert and professional management team.

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Medical Coding Specifications

The qualified medical coding staffs apply official ICD-9-CM Coding Guidelines, ICD-9-CM coding conventions, DRG optimization techniques, CMS regulations and policies and comply with the AHA’s Coding Clinic. The certified and qualified medical coding staff has to have experience of at least 3 years in the field of inpatient facility (DRG) coding. Combination of some credentials is also required for medical coders like CCS, RHIT and RHIA.

There are generally deliverables for the medical facility or healthcare providers like:

  • Work area for a scan technician including appropriate workspace/desk, etc.
  • High-Speed internet access for scan technician is essential.
  • Staff to assemble, collect and analyze medical records for scanning, and to ensure complete documentation where possible; this is another important aspect of a successful off-site scanner/coder position.
  • Capacity to guarantee a minimum amount of medical records is available for scanning each day.
  • There has to be a point of contact to serve as a link between the medical facility health system and remote coders.
  • For entering the codes, remote access has to be given to the encoder.

Remote Coding Jobs – Hiring and Trust

In remote hiring, there is a high level of trust among the project manager and the coder. It should be a long-term business relationship. In order to motivate the programmer, the best way is to treat him/her as an equal team member, and he/she should be considered more than an hourly resource. In such type of coding jobs, the programmer and the coder can work from anywhere in the world, and need not sit in a particular office. This has resulted in making a vast number of remote coding jobs available nationally and worldwide.

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