Quality Health Management

The establishment of those policies and procedures, that decrease the premature death rate and increases a patient’s life quality, typically, defines quality health management. These processes are cost effective and generate huge profits since it supports financial growth and capability of the healthcare organization. A healthcare organization can realize the quality of health management only if it is staffed fully with medical, as well as managerial professionals along with the most advanced equipment to serve the patients.

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The healthcare industry is typically similar to any other industry where success is identified by managing resources to the fullest, setting goal orientations, and competitor’s comparison. The only difference between a healthcare organization and its competitor is the bottom line that is measured by life and death where quality health management represents a healthier patient.

The key function of quality health management is to provide a quality healthcare services that the average people can afford. There are many communities, in which most of the residents cannot afford to visit their doctors or pay for any necessary laboratory tests or the prescribed drugs, which reflects an inadequate access to quality affordable healthcare and the absence of affordable care is a failure in quality health management.

High quality health management would be reflected, typically, when healthcare facilities report a large decrease in premature or preventable death numbers as it controls each and every aspect that is needed to be considered for efficient patient care.

However, it is also true that without financial feasibility, a healthcare facility cannot even think of practicing quality health management as no healthcare facility can spend more than it earns and continue to stay in business. And if the healthcare facility or the healthcare institution is unsuccessful, then the patients may be dying prematurely, or may be receiving inadequate healthcare, which would definitely prove detrimental. Hence, healthcare standards and anticipated patient outcomes cannot be improved without considerable changes in the managerial procedure of the healthcare facility. Therefore, quality health management will automatically drive changes that result in most favorable patient outcomes.

Healthcare organizations that effectively perform preventive medicine, do realize a good amount of reduction in premature deaths along with preventable deaths, accidental death and hospital-acquired infection cases. Quality health management does instigate and implement policies and procedures that are designed just to improve the health quality of all the patients that healthcare facility serves.

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