Medical Record Coding Re-Invented at Professional Dynamic Network Inc.

Medical record coding is the process that involves documenting procedures and medical diagnoses descriptions and associating the appropriate medical code numbers that meet ICD coding standards. At Professional Dynamic Network Inc., the procedures and medical diagnoses are collected from several different documentation sources that are already available in the health care record, for instance, transcriptions of the physician’s notes, radiologic results, laboratory results and medical documentation from various other sources. Professional Dynamic Network Inc. is one of the best medical record coding outsourcers, not only in Chicago, but also in the entire United States. The diagnoses codes we provide match standards to be used for tracking health conditions and diseases; the diseases that will be tracked range from chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes mellitus to contagious diseases that include athlete’s foot, norovirus and flu. Our sophisticated coding procedures and use of diagnoses codes are universal for billing and medical records used by private health insurance companies, government health programs, worker’s compensation plans and also other organizations.

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Professional Dynamic Network Inc.’s Medical Record Coding System Uses Current Coding Standards

Medical record coding systems designed and operated by Professional Dynamic Network Inc. are employed in a broad variety of applications pertaining to public health, medical informatics and medical care that include, but are not limited to:

  • Statistical analysis of therapeutic actions and diseases
  • Decision support and knowledge-based systems
  • Direct inspection of pandemic and/or epidemic outbreaks
  • Reimbursements that pertain to diagnosis-related coding groups

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Our Two Broad and All-Purpose Classification Types

Professional Dynamic Network Inc. has multiple kinds of medical record coding/classification (for instance ICD-9 and new ICD-10 classifications); however, all coding falls into the two major and broad classification groupings, namely Statistical classifications and Nomenclatures.

Statistical Classification: This type of classification brings related clinical concepts together and groups these into distinct categories. The number of categories is kept limited to restrict the classification from growing excessively. This classification method groups circulatory system diseases into a single “chapter” that covers large numbers of codes. This classification method is ideal for classifying clinical concepts such as paroxysmal junctional tachycardia, nodal tachycardia, paroxysmal atrial tachycardia, supraventricular tachycardia and auricular tachycardia for statistical analysis.

Nomenclature: In this classification method, there are separate codes and listings for each and every clinical concept, treatment or diagnoses. This simply means that the tachycardia list mentioned above will have each own code for each type tachycardia. That makes this method manageable for the compilation of health statistics for later analysis.

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