HIPAA and Medical Standards Compliance for EHR Privacy and Security

Your Medical Records Are Secure with PDN

EHR privacy and security is not only a healthcare sector industry-best practice, it is also the requirement of federal HIPAA regulations, local state regulations and a requirement for securing all patient data. In many medical situations, guaranteed confidentiality is essential for patient consent and treatment regimens. Electronic health records privacy and security are paramount at Chicago’s Private Dynamic Network (PDN) for on-site staffers and for off-site medical and insurance billing coders at our two remote coding labs. PDN takes confidential client and patient data very seriously and our rigorous background checks of credentials, skill sets and any criminal offenses of potential staffers is always a requirement. Your private patient data is secure with PDN personnel whether they are on-site at your healthcare organization or coding remotely.

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Versatile Technology Solutions for Medical Records Privacy and Security

PDN’s technology platform allows for EHR privacy and security at all stages of transcriptions, document handling, records keeping and transfer/transmission of finalized reporting back to your healthcare organization. PDN follows all HIPAA guidelines, state guidelines and the specific security requirements of each client including hospitals, urgent care facilities, clinics, community health centers or even small private practices.

At PDN, our data security includes control and supervision of all patient data. PDN staffers at our remote coding labs have technology solutions and the capability to:

  • Receive and handle physical documents securely
  • Login into healthcare IT computer systems, servers, legacy systems and electronic data storage systems across a range of current and commercial legacy systems
  • Receive secure Fax/facsimile transmissions and document scanning
  • Maintain confidentiality agreements with clients for on-site or off-site personnel
  • Secure patient data and privacy complying with US Navy regulations for secure government servicesand other regulatory specifics from government programs including Medicaid and Medicare
  • Meet HIPAA compliance requirements for EHR privacy and security
  • Meet ISO-9000 compliance requirements for medical records security and privacy
  • Operate secure e-coding software platforms for a variety of healthcare document formats
  • Use password-protected or restricted workstations and terminals

Learn about PDN’s Remote Coding Lab Technology Solutions for EHR Privacy and Security of All Patient Data

All staff at our remote coding labs are fully supervised, all credentials are checked, and Level I, II and III coding skill sets are guaranteed. Additionally, or personnel and staffers have many educational advancement opportunities.

On-Site Staffing Confidentiality and HIPAA and RAC Audit Compliance

All on-site personnel, auditors, interim management and HIM personnel sign confidentiality agreements and operate under PDN’s high ethical standards. For additional EHR privacy and security compliance, PDN provides auditors and interim management for audits of client healthcare protocols and procedures or your healthcare organization IT security specifications. On-site auditors meet all HIPAA regulatory requirements and work in compliance with new Medicare RAC auditing control measures.

PDN Assures Clients Medical Records and EHR Privacy and Security Regulatory Compliance and Meets Any Additional Client Requirements for Securing All Patient Data

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