Trademark of American Medical Association – CPT

CPT medical coding makes complex medical processes easier as the coding methodology organizes medical records efficiently. Moreover, for that purpose, the CPT coding procedure was introduced to provide accuracy and clarity in the medical process. Medical coding helps to make the billing process very easy, and faster. It also helps in improving the speed of the reimbursement process for medical bills. A medical coding process is also beneficial for submitting and retrieving documents related to patient treatment; all documentation is confidential. And CPT is also one of the kinds of the medical coding that helps improve the billing process for the doctors and physicians.

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The CPT means “Current Procedural Terminology,” and this is a document for maintaining the list of billing codes of the services rendered to the patient. The CPT code is unique and provided to every patient; the American Medical Association provides the CPT codes. The CPT codes are actually used by the doctors or medical practitioners to explain the medical, surgical or diagnostic treatment performed on the patient.

CPT medical coding is designed to provide information about the medical and surgical services between the physicians, doctors, patients and the insurance company that will pay the bill. The American Medical Association holds the copyright of the “Current Procedural Terminology” which in turn bans the free use of this process and the required fees for any company using this system. Professional Dynamic Network provides nationwide medical coding services

CPT System and Code Categories

The CPT system is essential for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. They maintain this system by using their Relative Value Unit, which helps them to bill the patient according to the treatment provided. These centers are also required to pay the license fees to the American Medical Association. The CPT coding is divided into three types of codes:

  1. Category I CPT Codes
  2. Category II CPT Codes – these are supplemental codes used for the purpose of Performance Measurement
  3. Category III CPT Codes – these codes are a temporary set used for emerging technology, services and procedures used in the treatment

CPT coding is quite helpful for doctors and physicians to bill patients appropriately, according to the treatment provided. It increases their revenue earned from the patients. CPT coding is also very useful for the process of health claims made by any patient, as it describes the details of medical treatment performed.

CPT Coding Services

Professional and qualified coders and accountants that are hired from the private companies perform the CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) medical coding. The coders are bound to follow all the rules and regulations made by the American Medical Association, and are required to prepare the report within the time limit. Various private companies are dedicated to providing the excellent quality service of medical coding in order to help medical staff in maintaining records, bills, and treatment data provided to the patient.

Thus, in conclusion, Current Procedural Terminology helps doctors and physicians and record the patient’s procedures or medical treatments, for record keeping and billing.