Certified Professional Coder

Every hospital or doctor is required to maintain the record of the patient,  this includes details of diseases, past history, symptoms, lab reports, medications and treatment method. Moreover, maintaining this record is not very easy and requires considerable time that can even hinder the practice of doctors. For this purpose, the medical record coder position came into existence. They are the assistants to doctors for maintaining and updating the records of the patients. Medical record coders follow some uniform codes to give identification to the symptoms, diagnoses, treatments and other clinical care provided to the patient. The records maintained by them are useful for the internal administrative activities of the hospital as well as for claiming the bill amount from the insurance companies.

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To perform all the duties and responsibilities efficiently and effectively the certified professional coder is required to possess specific certifications and degrees because medical coding requires  skilled professionals for maintaining the valuable records. The medical sector is growing at a very fast pace and numerous advance technologies are developed and implemented by the health care providers in order to improve the quality of health care facilities provided to the patients.

The minimum qualification that is required for the certified professional coder is the Registered Health Information Technicians; a 2 year associate degree program organized by Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education. Coders are required to pass the written exam to attain this degree.

After getting the degree of Registered Health Information Technician, medical coders can apply for the certification coder exam to get the certificate of professional medical coder. The exam is organized, and administrated by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), and after clearing this exam, they become a Certified Professional Coder (CPC). This exam is for the duration of five and a half hour and judges the skills of the medical coder in different areas like:

  • Whether the medical coder understands the human anatomy, and medical terms or not
  • If he or she can apply the CPT and ICD-9 codes effectively to the medical records
  • Following the emergency and medical guidelines
  • Whether or not the medical coder can apply the HCPCS level II modifiers

This certification enables the medical coder to apply in physician’s office, private and government hospitals, companies providing the service of medical billing and coding, insurance companies, healthcare agencies, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers and consultants.

It is not always feasible for a doctor’s offices to hire their own medical coders. This is where outsourcing your medical coding can be very beneficial for you. Professional Dynamic Network is a nationwide medical coding company that can provide services to your healthcare facility regardless of the size.