Outsource Medical Record Coding to the Experts in Chicago

icd-10Outsourcing much of their ancillary work is usually the best way for a healthcare facility to concentrate on their primary concern – their patients. Nowhere is this fact more obvious than when it comes to outsourcing your medical coding. This tedious but necessary process must be accomplished in an efficient, accurate and timely manner or else you, your company and, most importantly, your patients will not be properly served.

Medical coding takes expertise and experience. PDN can provide you with additional on-site help that you manage or completely and competently handle the issue with an off-site solution. While many facility owners prefer to safeguard their records in-house, our off-site facilities provide the highest level of security both physical and electronic. No matter what choice you make, on- or off-site, our credentialed employees can help with everything from implementing ICD-9 and ICD-10, complying with the latest government regulations, performing audits and maintaining records.

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PDN verifies the credentials of all its medical coders and tests to ensure that they have the requisite experience to perform secure medical coding at any of our remote coding labs. In addition, our management team is intimately familiar with all legacy healthcare information systems and their security protocols. All off-site coding is always conducted under very strict guidance and according to the rules. No short cuts are ever allowed. We also offer ongoing training and educational opportunities for our coders. In short, our coders are second to none in terms of current knowledge (e.g ICD-10, RAC or HIPAA).

To recap, regardless of your current infrastructure and legacy systems, we can provide state-of-the-art technology solutions for accessing and converting existing records to government-compliant EHRs. By deciding to outsource your medical records coding to [Company Name], you are assured that highly accurate, credentialed coders will perform the work as efficiently as possible.

For further information about remote EHR coding help or if you are already in need of a general medical record coding services provider or an external healthcare auditor, please contact PDN.

Originally published on 11/21/2014