Medical Record Coding Services: Remote EHR Coding Help

The introduction of the 10th iteration of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10) and its goal of facilitating the exchange of medical information across a wide variety of industries dedicated to healthcare, many companies have chosen to outsource this responsibility to qualified third-party medical coding services.

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In addition to allowing healthcare providers to concentrate on their own core competencies – taking care of patients! – medical coding services ensure greater compliance with government regulations and more effective billing and payment process.

Remote Medical Coding Services

Most healthcare providers prefer to rely on remotely located medical coding providers. The entire process is completed off-site but still provides instant access to medical records via a secure online portal. The remote sites are physically and digitally secured with access only allowed to authorized personnel. In most cases, the certified medical coders and medical billing coders who work on your particular information are not even allowed access to the servers. Instead, a dedicated team of technicians handles the technical aspects of the process. The result is unparalleled electronic and physical document security for new and legacy systems, all protected by secure passwords and 24/7 monitoring.

There is a lot to consider before choosing to maintain your coding on-site or choosing an off-site medical coding solution. PDN is ready for ICD-10. We can provide coding services to your facility immediately and get you up to speed with the transition.

Originally Published on 12/3/2014