Medical Coding Consulting Companies In The Chicago Metropolitan Market

Rely on Medical Coding and Consulting Companies with High Standards

If you are interested in finding medical coding  companies  you need to determine whether, or not, the company has high deliverable standards, and employs medical coding specialists from accredited institutions. Additionally, any company that you collaborate with should be dedicated to accuracy and following current and upcoming standards.

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Medical coding companies in the Chicago metropolitan area, including Private Dynamic Network (PDN) located but servicing national healthcare facilities, offer ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding standards and many other specific requirements common to the healthcare industry. Additionally, PDN operates two, 24-hour, remote coding labs for Chicago-area and nationwide healthcare coding services.

Choosing Medical Coding Companies

For healthcare providers, choosing medical coding companies can be a time-consuming and daunting task. Determine the services that your healthcare facility requires, and review whether specific medical coding and consulting companies can fulfill your business and legal requirements. Be sure to focus on a company’s policy regarding continuing education and hiring candidates with the appropriate work experience. Investigate any company’s reputation in the local market before hiring the business.


Medical Coding Companies: Consider Capabilities and Services

A few of the service capabilities, and a company’s commitment to utilizing accurate, credentialed, experienced personnel, even for temporary staffing (or off-site remote coding), should give you a good indication of what kind of company you may be dealing with, and how the business relationship may affect your healthcare organization.

Can a company provide the following services?

  • Off-site coding capabilities (remote coding labs)
  • Secure data handling utilizing proper security protocols
  • Secure access to healthcare networks and servers
  • Operates standardized healthcare field databases and medical coding software
  • Hires properly credentialed personnel
  • Provide off-site medical coding
  • Experienced coders for specific healthcare field
  • Complies with government-payer standards
  • Compliance with military medical records keeping, billing, and standard protocols (VA, Navy, etc.)
  • ICD-9 coding compliance
  • ICD-10 coding compliance
  • Electronic records-keeping services (new national standards or EHRs)
  • Promotes ongoing employee education

Some government-specific coding tasks include records security and formatting and specific requirements for the military (VA, Navy, etc.), state high-risk pools (soon to be exchanges), Medicare, Medicaid, or other programs (e.g. for children).