Hospital Medical Coding

medical symbolMany healthcare providers have transitioned to outsourcing their medical coding process to qualified medical coding companies. But what if you want to keep your billing process and information in-house, or you simply don’t want to pay for both billing and coding? Here’s an idea to consider: let us handle the coding, you handle the billing.

If you have backlogged data for medical procedures or patient information on file waiting to be coded, outsourcing your coding process is the perfect solution. We can handle all your coding needs, whether you run a large or small healthcare facility, while you do your own billing in-house.

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How does it work?

You send us the data for any medical procedures completed or patient information,via secure EHR transmission and we’ll send the charts back to you with the proper coding information. This way, you only have to worry about moving the coded information through your own billing process. This will help you conduct the billing process more smoothly, so you can have more time and personnel to focus on your clients and patients.

Outsourcing your medical coding process is an affordable solution that will save time and resources while leaving you in control. Run your organization more smoothly with greater peace of mind!