Optimizing solutions for Medical Records

health information exchangeWe’ve all heard the jokes about Doctors’ bad handwriting! As mainstream as those jokes are, it can be a very real concern for staff to input that information into a patient’s medical record. They do not have time to research in a text book what exactly the doctor is trying to convey and mistakes are simply not tolerated in any form. Health Information Management (HIM)  has seen explosive growth due to these concerns of inaccuracy. Along with that growth has also been a freedom of sorts to the healthcare provider as they can now concentrate on the patient and their individual care.

Health care has become an information-intensive business. Through the years as Government Healthcare regulations expanded, medical records became thicker and more cumbersome but the medical record departments were moved from the basements of providers’ offices up front next to the business offices due to the need for constant access.

HIPPA and Medical Records

As any provider will tell you, patient privacy is the highest priority in any healthcare setting. With HIPPA Regulations and the ever changing world of health insurance, the need for professionals in the area of Information Management has become crucial for the survival of the healthcare provider. Enter HIM Consulting Services. These medical coding companies have highly trained professionals targeting specific tasks relating to off-sight medical record coding, Insurance Reimbursement, Interim Management, Joint Commission Preparation and Team Facilitation. One such company is PDN, Professional Dynamic Network. Based in Chicago, PDN is a full-service Health Management company offering services in the area of remote medical coding, Consultant Services, and Government Services. Outsourcing these specific areas of the business allows the need for healthcare providers to protect their patients’ information while providing the best healthcare to their patients.

The transition to technology-based medical coding and Health Information Management can be difficult and time consuming for the staff of any medical provider. Just the changes to medical coding alone over the last year have created a need for a niche of professionals to learn these new codes and implement them correctly. Medical coding companies take this responsibility off your hands and the hands of your staff so you can continue to provide top quality care and focus on the needs of your patients.