What is the best medical coding training?

As a medical coder, you can work in any part of the health care industry. Though there are a set requirements in terms of education, to be successful as a medical coder specialist. You need to be knowledgeable in medical terminologies, physiology, anatomy and biology. The certificate medical coding training programs usually lasts for one year and available in continuing education centers and community colleges. To be certified one has to pass the exams that are available. Continue reading

What to expect from a Medical Coding Company

Busy professionals in the healthcare sector find it hard to manage accurate medical coding  and patients simultaneously. Documentation, needs to be done at the appropriate time or your healthcare facility will suffer financially. You should seek the help of medical coding companies that are able to handle your medical coding efficiently. If you are wondering whether to hire a medical coding company is ideal, think of all the code issues that they will help you solve. Continue reading

How to Prepare for ICD-10 Medical Coding

The countdown to the implementation of ICD-10 medical coding is ticking away. As of October 1, 2015, all diagnosis reported or discharged as of that date will required to be coded utilizing the new coding guidelines. While some providers and other medical professionals have hoped for an extension to this deadline, that does not appear to be likely according to HHS. If you haven’t already begun, it’s time to start preparing for the changes. Continue reading

Is a Medical Coding Job The Right Career Choice For Me

Medical coding is sometimes associated with medical billing. Medical coding is different from medical billing. If we were to argue, medical coding can be considered as an essential process in medical billing. When a patient receives health care from either outpatient services or inpatient services, the provider is required to document for every service provided. Continue reading

Medical Coding History – The Past, Present and Future

The topic of health care is quite hot these days. Everywhere people are talking about the changes that are happening in the Health Care Industry and how much it has affected their lives. One of the most talked about aspects is how medical billing has changed so dramatically over the years. Medical billing, when done correctly is fine, however, when done incorrectly, the mistakes can take years to clear up. Continue reading

Medical Coding Companies: The Affects of Obamacare

Everyone has been buzzing over the Affordable Care Act, dubbed “Obamacare”, since its inception. Insurers, the insured and politicians alike have all speculated how this healthcare reform will affect them, the economy, doctors and health care in general. But an entity we’ve heard little from are the medical coding companies. How are all these changes going to affect the way we run our companies? Continue reading

Health Information Management – Successfully improving patient care.

The quality of care for patients has consistently been the top priority in any healthcare facility for over a century.  Back in the days when hospitals were small, independent facilities there was no bottom line to be concerned about.  The only concern was the patient and no request was too big to fulfill. Today, the patient is still the number one priority, but the rules of how that patient is cared for has changed dramatically. Continue reading

Health Information Exchange Definition–Defined By Experts

Many people want an answer to what actually is a Health Information Exchange. It is interesting that the fact that people are not simply after a Health Information Exchange definition, but are also concerned regarding whether the phrase “Health Information Exchange” is just a concept or actually a way to facilitate medical coding, billing and documentation accuracy that meets your HIM revenue cycle requirements. Continue reading