Medical Coding Companies In The USA and Offshore Outsourcing

For hospitals, doctors’ offices, and clinics, outsourced medical coding solves many of the workflow and backlog problems associated with maintaining coding department. Looking to cut costs, some healthcare facilities are choosing to send their medical coding overseas. But there are some potential risks with off-shore medical coding, that are negated with using a medical coding company in the United States. Continue reading

Medical Coding Outsourcing: The Plus Points

Medical coding is an essential part of healthcare facility business practices. But if services are improperly coded, hospitals and doctors’ offices can lose hundreds, even thousands of dollars of revenue. Oftentimes these coding errors are caused by overworked staff trying to keep up with mounting patient accounts. One solution to this problem is outsourcing your medical coding. There are several benefits to this increasingly popular option that you should consider. Continue reading

What is Outsourced Coding Services for Hospitals

hospital medical codingMedical coders usually require their own set of training separate from doctors and nurses, most especially involving studying various code books (which list codes, descriptions and other such goodies) as reference for their work. Often, medical coders are also medical billers as well.
Unfortunately, there’s a frequent habit of this important task being left in the hands of secretaries and clerks who aren’t trained for the task, resulting in the risk of errors being made, information not being recorded properly and even charges being incorrectly placed. Continue reading

Why Would I Outsource Medical Coding For My Healthcare Facility

While always a difficult process, medical coding has become a highly technical skill that requires trained specialists. New regulations over the last few years have made medical coding more complex than ever, making outsourcing a very practical solution, whether cleaning up a billing backlog or on a permanent basis. Continue reading

How is Hospital Medical Coding Different from Physician Medical Coding

Physicians and hospitals depend upon accurate medical coding to ensure they are properly paid by patients and insurance companies. Coding is a very time-intensive, precision-oriented procedure, and errors caused by understaffed facilities or improperly trained coders can cost healthcare providers thousands of dollars a year. While medical coding is an integral part of business practice in all facilities, coding in doctors’ offices can be different than coding in hospitals and other larger institutions. Continue reading

Benefits Of Choosing Remote Medical Coding Services

medical coding bookOutsourcing your medical coding work to a coding company is a simple way for your organization to complete coding work in a timely manner during unconventional hours. You can reduce expenses associated with employing coding employees by letting an outside company manage their employment. Remote medical coding can have significant benefits that improve your company’s position. Continue reading

Optimizing solutions for Medical Records

health information exchangeWe’ve all heard the jokes about Doctors’ bad handwriting! As mainstream as those jokes are, it can be a very real concern for staff to input that information into a patient’s medical record. They do not have time to research in a text book what exactly the doctor is trying to convey and mistakes are simply not tolerated in any form. Health Information Management (HIM)  has seen explosive growth due to these concerns of inaccuracy. Along with that growth has also been a freedom of sorts to the healthcare provider as they can now concentrate on the patient and their individual care. Continue reading

Advantages of Outsourcing Medical Coding Services

With the October 2015 deadline for transitioning from ICD-9 to ICD-10 looming for health care facilities, the need for qualified medical coding services workers is high. In addition to this, hospitals and other health care providers have to effect other changes necessitated by the Affordable Care Act. An ideal solution is to outsource medical coding services or use an agency to recruit medical coders. Continue reading

Medical Coding Consulting Companies In The Chicago Metropolitan Market

Rely on Medical Coding and Consulting Companies with High Standards

If you are interested in finding medical coding  companies  you need to determine whether, or not, the company has high deliverable standards, and employs medical coding specialists from accredited institutions. Additionally, any company that you collaborate with should be dedicated to accuracy and following current and upcoming standards. Continue reading

What Do Remote Medical Coding Companies Do?

Remote coding companies are charged with the responsibility of helping health organizations and physicians be reimbursed by insurance companies for the services patients are offered. In addition, you will find they are detail oriented and are not bothered by administrative jobs. Remote coding companies work well with medical professionals and doctors and are able to easily communicate with them. Continue reading